Destruction requirements for all data carriers

Data carriers can be destroyed in many ways, wiping, degaussing, shredding or a combination of these methods or hybrid. We are happy to explain how safe destruction (on location) works with shredding. On the two pages briefly described below you will find all information about the different methods of destruction, DIN 66399 protection classes and security levels, but you will also find out more about which method of data destruction according to the strict requirements of DIN 66399 is the best choice for your data carrier.

DIN 66399

The Deutsches Institut für Normung or DIN 66399 is the German industry standard for data destruction within Europe. Know everything about the 3 protection classes and security levels. Based on 2 schedules, it is easy to determine how your data carrier can be safely destroyed.

Destroy data carrier in accordance with DIN 66399

Secure data destruction, the irrevocable destruction of the data carrier. Which data carriers can you have destroyed? Hard disk, SSD disk, USB, smartphones, credit cards and tapes. Shredding, cutting and/or deforming is possible for almost all data carriers. From coarse pieces to chips of a few square millimeters.

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