How can you be sure that your written off IT equipment is being handled responsibly? It takes years to build a business, a data breach can damage a company’s image enormously. The digital era in which we find ourselves requires the highest possible security of data carriers. This is often the top priority as long as the electronics are owned and used by the company. But how does this work if the obsolete electronics, especially the data carrier, is written off. Sensitive data, including business emails, financial information, personal identification data, and other sensitive and proprietary information, may fall into the hands of third parties.

Lying awake at night and wondering what leaking sensitive or even ‘Top Secret’ data can do to your company. Understatement; not a nice feeling. The solution seems so simple, but is it easier said than done or can it be solved properly and above all secure?

Back to the feeling of peace of mind. No more sleepless nights.

Suppose the data carrier is cut into such small pieces that even reading a fragment from the data carrier is impossible. Would that take away the “concern”? And suppose this is possible under your watchful eye at your premises. Let’s take it one step further…

Both the destruction and the registration can be carried out by screened and professional specialists. The hardware is provided with a unique barcode and during destruction. Status information is linked to this unique code, along with a photo of each destruction.

A dream? No, this is possible with the latest techniques, advanced machines and in accordance with the European DIN 66399 standard. Delete permanently data from drivers and servers. Because that’s what it’s all about in the end.

Be well informed and advised when it comes to your (digital) sensitive data.

Article supplied by 7 Digits B.V.

Author: Mieke Droog

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